Estimate Terms

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Updated April 1, 2018

Estimate Expiry
Estimate is valid for 90 days.

If the project is cancelled after the estimate has been approved, a 15% service fee will be charged. After the project has commenced a fee for completed work or a 15% service fee (whichever is greater) will apply. This fee does not include any out-of-pocket expenses or incidentals.

Applicable sales taxes are in addition to the figures quoted.

Payment is due within 30 days from date of invoice. All overdue accounts are subject to 2% interest per month.

Usage Rights
Client guarantees that they own and/or hold a proper usage licence for all supplied materials and content such as designs, text, images, videos, or documents to be used for development and/or population of the site. eToolSmith Development is not responsible to verify it’s ownership, authenticity, usage rights or any other legal agreement.

Out-of-pocket Expenses
Expenses such as conference calls, long-distance calls, taxis, and long-distance travel are additional to this estimate.

The client is responsible for the purchase of any necessary fonts, templates, or plugins required in development.

Scope Review
Estimate is based on information and designs provided by the client during the exploratory/estimating phase. The eToolSmith Development team will review the client’s’ supplied final and approved website structure, design, functionality, animation requirements and content population/migration during our project kickoff. Should the project estimate not match supplied information, an updated estimate and timeline will be provided for final approval.

Scope Changes
Changes in scope (structural, design, functionality, animation or content) during development will accrue additional costs.

Large Screen Styling
Estimate is based on website having a 1600px or lower viewport. Should an XL stylesheet be required, additional fees will apply.

Websites will be tested on Chrome 56+, Edge 14+, Firefox 45+, IE11+ and Safari 8+ for browsers, and iOS9+ (iPhone) and Marshmallow 6+ (Android) for mobile devices. Should other browsers be required, additional fees will apply.

Client QA
Client is required to review the staging site and provide eToolSmith Development with consolidated feedback regarding coding and/or content errors (not structural, design, or functionality changes). Once the staging site is approved, eToolSmith Development to launch the site.

Estimates include migration of the website to your *AMP Stack (LAMP-Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, WAMP-Windows, Apache MySQL, or PHP) production server. eToolSmith Development will require the appropriate FTP/SFTP and database credentials (or cPanel access) to launch the website.

Should you choose to migrate the website or set up the server environment yourself, support time will be out of scope and charged hourly.

Once the site has been launched, eToolSmith Development will fix any coding errors submitted by the client for a period of 5 working days. Services required after this 5-day period will be charged hourly.

The 5-day post-launch period does not apply to websites not launched by eToolSmith Development. Once the website files are handed over to the client, the client assumes full responsibility for the website code and all assets.

Content Management System Access

Once the client is given access to the website Content Management System (CMS), the client assumes full responsibility for any issues with the website. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure all users have good working knowledge of the CMS.

CMS training and website repair work is available at an additional cost.

eToolSmith Development is not responsible for any “0-day exploits”, hosting vulnerabilities, or phishing type security related issues once the site has been launched.

Upon receiving final payment, code ownership will be transferred to the client.

Client to provide hosting details. Should hosting services be required, eToolSmith Development can provide 3 recommendations and set up an account for a one-time fee. Ongoing hosting fees will be charged to the client’s credit card.

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